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 Well, i am not entirely fond of introductions or whatever. Just browse around here, and you will see. I could tell that i like to do or discuss this or that, but it won't have much sense until i write about it here. So move the mouse over the cheetah, and just explore, if you like!


Drupal Beta launched!

22nd July, 2009

 http://jubatian.byethost11.com, i launched a test site built with Drupal here. If this proves to be functional, sooner or later it will become my permanent site. Check out! (A fast test tells it is functional in IE 8 as well, i have no clue about it's IE 7 compatibility).


25th June, 2009

 Finally i managed to fix the explorer specific bugs (Site should work on IE 7 and 8, i have no intentions to fix IE 6 specific problems though: that browser fails even harder than the rest of the microsoft crap).

 New pieces are coming up, new bugs crawl their way in all around. For those who like it, two little C64 graphics were put up in the new Pixel Art section of the gallery.

New design - new life?


4th June, 2009

 Having some time for it (and by the way having some related work) i experimented with new ways of designing and graphics. This is the result of it. I think it looks a little better than my previous site, although opinions may vary, well, it had a good atmosphere (You can check it out among others in the digital art section). Technically it is probably a lot better (Maybe now it will work OK in Explorer too). A new element is JQuery for JavaScript as i got really tired of tampering code for all those ever annoying browsers never properly adapting W3C standards. But on the other side now the jquery.js file makes the 40% of the style in size which this way is a little larger than before even though i used fewer and smaller images.

 To see the menu, just move the mouse over the logo or the cheetah on the left. Hope nobody finds this annoying, well, everyone should figure it out at least accidentally when he travels the mouse towards the back button to leave this stupid place :3

Messing with an old laptop

Chicony NB5620

1st June, 2009

  I did some fun with this old Chicony NB5620 laptop. Not just games, for my passionate love of figuring out how everything works, i grabbed a screwdriver and a few other tools to see how many pieces i can diassemble it to. An article on how to do such in case you ever needed to do it will follow.